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“Epictetus said “The market is rational, but the people who comprise it are not” Even in ancient times it was easy to recognize not every pricing move can be explained easily. 

I like to think about investment with a contrarian view. When the markets are euphoric, we are skeptical…and when the markets are fearful, we are certain”

~ Dylan Quintilone Investment Advisor Representative

Dylan Quintilone is not just an active community member, he is also CFA level 1 candidate with a strong passion for markets.

I am grateful to be in a role where I have the ability build life long relationships with clients and really understand what is important to them and their families.

Growing up in Buffalo, New York shaped my younger years. My family and I are Buffalo Sabres and Bills fans. We have a close Italian family and Sunday dinners are a normal occurrence. I relocated with my family to Orlando about 10 years ago, when my father became employed at Lockheed Martin.

My whole family has Lockheed Martin in their blood. My father, brother and myself have all worked at the defense contractor. The company has been good to my family and it has provided immense security to all of us.

Graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Finance was a humbling experience. I was active in the student community by helping run the Young Investors Club. I was elected Chief Investment Officer and served on an executive board of twelve. We advocated financial literacy to the student body and reached a membership level of over 140 students. With a demanding schedule, I still go back to my almamater to give stock presentations to students.

As a fee-only advisor, I am open to finding the best ideas and solutions for my clients. You never have to be concerned about financial guidance that is dependent on your buying a product.

My family and I have been residents of Orlando, Florida since 2007. I love the community and the golf courses. During my teen years, I played competitive golf. When I am not trading stocks, you can find me at NorthShore or Eagle Creek golf courses.

Growing up in Buffalo, New York I played many sports, but my two favorite were ice hockey and golf. My father and I often played golf at local courses Elma Meadows, Grover Cleveland and Rothland. It was my fathers commitment to spending time with me that shaped my younger years. He would travel hours to drive my brother and I to hockey games and practices. As well as play 18 holes of golf after working for 10 hours. I bring the same family values my father taught me to found a fiduciary investment firm and always work in the best interest of my clients.

I am active in the investment community and a current level 1 CFA candidate (Chartered Financial Analyst). The CFA designation is very important to me because I love the stock market and trading. It is a wide held belief that if you attain your CFA designation, you gain immediate credibility among the most esteemed finance professionals. In order to attain the charter, you must persevere through a course load that requires you to pass 3 exams that have topics ranging from Corporate Finance, Interest Rate Swaps, Derivatives and Ethical Standards. The pass rate is often below 40% on exam 1 alone.
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