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401k Rollover made easy

We guide you through the rollover process by helping you select a new IRA account and initiating the 401k transfer process.

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We help you choose a new IRA provider

The two brokers our clients choose most are Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade. We recommend choosing your new broker based on cost, commission rate and other perks such as commission free ETF purchases.

A brokerage service for seasoned investors. We utilize Interactive Brokers for their ease of use, lowest cost commissions and easy account set up.

TD Ameritrade is a discount brokerage service offering commission free ETF’s and best in class trade execution.

We contact your old 401k provider

Once you leave your employer, you have 60 days to rollover your 401k into your IRA. Ask your 401k provider to initiate the rollover process to your new broker. Often times they will issue a check in the name of your new broker with FBO “For Benefit of” clients name. It is important you get this check to your new broker within 60 days of it being issued, or else you could be subject to early withdrawal penalties and income taxes.

We consult you and determine the best path forward

We will help you choose between a Traditional IRA or Roth account. Sometimes a Roth conversion will be best for you.

Once your IRA is open, we can manage it for you

We link your new brokerage account to our Portfolio Management software and begin creating an allocation for you. Clients with Interactive Brokers accounts are able to link their account directly to our advisor account.

An investment portfolio tailored to your needs

We create a strategic asset allocation comprised of individual stocks and ETF’s to invest your new retirement portfolio. We manage the risk of your portfolio, while providing a more tailored investment experience than your old 401k provider.

Ease of payment

We only charge a penny on the dollar for our portfolio management services. Your new IRA allows for direct deduction of management fees from your account for ease of payment.

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